Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Duffel Bag

There were a lot of variations of a duffel bag created by famous brands recent years, so I decided to make one myself. Frankly, I’m not the one to make/buy/wear something just because it’s “in”, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to test this shape, because it’s not something I would normally go for. Since this was meant to be a test bag, I used cheap heavyweight cotton (I used the same cotton in the cosmetics bag) instead of leather.

I’m a bit undecided whether I like the result. On one hand, I like that this bag fits a lot, even though it’s small. And I like the plain looks of it (you might have noticed already that I’m a fan of simple bags with little detail). But on the other hand it feels a bit too sporty for everyday occasions to me.

 Anyway, I’ll be using this bag for short trips, however, I don’t know if I will be repeating this shape any time soon, simply because it’s not exactly my style.

P.S. For the future record, this bag will also be known as “the one that doesn’t take good pictures”. Lucky for me, there are things like photo editing which saved the day :D

A close-up of the details

I made sides squared with rounded corners, while the traditional duffel bag has round sides


  1. Well, you may know it as the Bag That Doesn't Take Good Pictures, but I know it as something I wish I could sew. I LOVE it! Does it have interior pockets like your bag from a jacket?

    1. Thank you, Poetryqn, it's very nice to hear :) No, I didn't make pockets this time :)

  2. hey, i love your design, but could you give some measurements of it?
    i just can't be sure if it is a handbag or a travelling bag sized.
    did you make an inside lining to it?
    i really like the fabric you chose.

  3. Nice bag. Last one I bought was a Samsonite duffle bag.