Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Already-Seen-Bag


Today I'd like to show you a bag you already seen - the bag from Show and Tell №2. I really wanted to show you how it looks carried, but at the time I didn't have the possibility to take any other picture than a bag standing on the floor. So during last photoshoot for the shoulder bag/clutch, we took some photos of  №2 (I should have named the bags - it's now confusing ;D ). But photos with me didn't turn out well, so, with a permission of a friend, I'm showing the bag carried by my friend (to whom I actually forgot to thank for taking photos ;D ).

Have a nice week!

A friend carrying a bag 


  1. Man pritruko zodziu, nuostabu! :) Likau suzaveta. Be galo smagu, kad yra bendraminciu :)

  2. Dėkui, Lain, labai malonu girdėti :)