Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I'm making now...

Faux croc leather in colour beige or nude (frankly, I can't tell the difference :D). In reality, those vertical lines aren't visible.

Wonder what I am currently making? Oh, a bag of course! But this time I'm making something different and using so many things and methods I've never used before:

  1. Faux crocodile leather - actually it look very faux (see the photo above), but I wanted to try croc for so long that I thought I'll give this fabric a try (let's just hope it's not as bad as the leather I used on the previous bag...)
  2. Gluing - can you believe I managed to go so long without using glue??? Why am I using glue this time? Well, this brings us to the next point:
  3. A Sturdy bag - FINALLY! Making a very sturdy bag has been my goal for quite some time, since I really like them, but somehow I always end up making baggy bags. Actually my previous bag should have been very sturdy, but after starting sewing the leather I decided it would look better baggy (well, sometimes not everything goes as planned)
  4. And last, but not least, - it's going to be a shoulder bag. If you're thinking, whether you've seen a shoulder bag here or not, the answer is no - this is going to be my very first shoulder bag! A classic shoulder bag is just the bag I needed for my so called "collection" :D
So, all these points combined - let's just hope this bag will turn out fine (though I can also see it going to the different - very wrong - direction :D). But if all works out well - new bag soon!


  1. Nice blog, Julija! I really like your tutorials.

  2. Thank you very much, AnaJan. It really means a lot to me to hear this from you - I've been admiring your creations for a very long time :)

  3. Hi Julija, love your posts on making bags! I've always been afraid of them & have never tried (something I'll have to amend in the future) but for now I'm just excited to find out how your next one will turn out!

  4. Dear Steph, you definitely shouldn't be afraid to make a bag -it's very simple!
    And as for my new bag - so far it's going great and I hope I'll be posting photos by the end of this week :)